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Campaign Creative Group is focused on developing campaign Strategy, Branding, Social Media, Video Production, Direct Mail, Web Presence and Promotional Items for Conservative Politicians seeking city, county, state or federal political office. While we offer affordable design, printing, production and placement—what we really bring to your campaign is a depth of knowledge, creativity and understanding about what it takes to captivate your audience and win. Whether that’s a hard-hitting, contrast direct mail piece, an inspiring television campaign or creating effective signage and web presence for a campaign—we know how to get from writing and distributing a press release to a victory party on election night. Voters are much more savvy these days and expect to be messaged with dynamic content that inspires and informs them.

We understand that just as every vote counts, so does every dollar—therefore we make sure your bottom line is protected by leveraging our longstanding relationships with a variety of vendors that ensure your campaign materials are both affordable and executed properly.

Voters Are Consumers for Government

We’re uniquely positioned to provide your campaign with the kind of content needed to win your election because we are more than a political campaign agency—we’re an advertising, marketing and public relation agency that has been practicing our craft for over two decades. Voters are consumers, and consumers are voters. We know how to reach them.

CCG has not only helped us in a pinch numerous times, but they’ve always provided excellent creative direction for our candidates…

Bob Davis

Former Tennessee Republican Chairman

Campaign Creative Group

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Murfreesboro, TN 37129

ph: 615-898-1496