Christian Hidalgo

Creative Director

Christian Hidalgo has been in the design and advertising industry for over three decades. He leverages this vast experience for our candidates’ campaigns by helping them properly target, message and reach out to their constituents for every campaign.

Mr. Hidalgo has directed hundreds of advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns over the last 25+ years. Working with a variety of industries and clients including large music labels, international publishers, restaurant chains, banks, museum exhibits and local small businesses has provided him a knowledge base that helps our team develop creative solutions gives him the edge our candidates need to reach their target market.

Christian has traveled all over the world doing missions work and filming documentaries. His travels and experiences from England, Israel, Africa, China, Mexico and Haiti—have produced a deep love and appreciation for the United States of America.

This reverence for America led Christian to start Campaign Creative Group. Christian truly believes that facilitating the election of conservatives and Republicans to state and local office is his greatest act of service to America. With America’s best interest at heart, he creates effective campaigns that help candidates reach their ultimate goal: connecting with The People.

Christian has worked on campaigns through several election cycles, ranging from city council to U.S. Senate. He has been active in conservative and Republican politics for many years. In fact, the first time he was able to vote for president, he cast his ballot for Ronald Reagan in 1984 — he has been a conservative ever since.

Christian and the Campaign Creative Group team will bring your campaign a depth of knowledge, creativity and understanding about what it takes to captivate your audience and win. His personal interest in conservative politics helps Campaign Creative Group create superior political campaigns.

From logo design, signage, web presence, voter database development, photography, copywriting, social media, direct mail, digital advertising, event planning, and television and radio commercials—our team helps you win your campaign.

Rick Williams

Chief Political Strategist

Chief Political Strategist, Rick Williams, is a life long resident of Nashville. Rick provides our clients with dynamic political campaign strategy and tactics based on his 30+ years of working directly for candidates, elected officials, government institutions, non-profit organizations and citizens groups. His insight, expertise and clarity cut through the clutter and direct our clients campaigns to focus on not just winning elections, but winning the hearts and minds of their constituents. From working directly with door-to-door volunteers, training candidates, creating compelling messaging, networking with supporters and influencers and crafting a concise and effective strategy—Rick is an expert on Tennessee and it’s political landscape. Rick sincerely cares about the future of Tennessee because he loves his home state. Contact Rick to learn more about winning your race.