Campaign identity creation is like commercial or non-profit identity creation – it has to be easily read, reproducible and liked. We leverage our 100+ years of advertising branding experience for our political clients so that their brand helps them succeed. Rob Mitchell’s re-election campaign for Rutherford County Property Assessor needed a clean, precise and direct brand and message. We chose fonts, colors and a layout that was exactly that. He won re-election and we were proud to be a part of his campaign.

Direct Mail

Voters are often looking for help when trying to decide on who they are going to support. A direct mail postcard should provide a clear branding message as well as some vital bio info, the candidates policy positions and a strong call to action. Rob Mitchell’s direct mail campaign was targeted, well-received and effective.


All promotion materials should be consistent, i.e., they provide the consumer with the same style, color palette, message and contact info. When we design political campaign print materials such as yard signs, lapel stickers, palm/push cards or business cards, we make sure our candidate has the best design and print materials their budget allows. Voters remember good printing and design.


In spite of the old saying, “yard signs don’t vote” we strongly believe that yard signs (banners, road signs, etc) influence voters. Why? Because when you see a neighbor you respect with a candidates yard sign in their yard, you may be prompted to consider that candidate for your vote. That’s a win in any campaign’s effort to secure votes and well worth the time, expense and effort to design and produce effective campaign signage. We did this for the Rob Mitchell campaign and the comments he received throughout the campaign were overwhelmingly positive.


Digital advertising and website design has become an essential tool in most advertising efforts – especially political campaigns. Voters use their phones for information and placing your brand and message in front of them where they are digitally is both smart and efficient. We are Google and Facebook certified to place digital ads for our political clients.


Video advertising – whether it’s for tv or the web – is the most dynamic and attention getting promotional tool a candidate can utilize. We outline, script, shoot, edit and distribute your campaign videos to broadcast, cable, OTT, email, website and social media to your target market. We believe your videos should be persuasive, informative and inspirational.