Campaign logos, like all branding initiatives, must be easy to read—but more importantly, they must be easy recognize at 40 mph on the side of a highway. We’ve all seen street corners flooded with political yards signs which most often creates visual chaos. How does your brand stand out from your competition? This is typically our first task when starting a campaign for a candidate and one we take very seriously. The brand we designed for Gino was easy to read, stood out in the crowd and captured the attention of his target market.


Gino Bulso’s web presence and digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google were vital tools in reaching the Williamson County community. We wanted to ensure that Gino’s campaign and message were highly visible and easily understood to voters. Through website development, social media and digital advertisements, voters were able to learn more about Gino Bulso’s values and his policies. Digital ads played a vital role in making sure his campaign was clear and easily found by voters that were targeted based on their political interests and affiliation. Voters mostly use their phones for information and placing your brand and message in front of them digitally is one of the most efficient forms of communication.

direct mail

For Gino Bulso’s campaign, we created a targeted direct mail campaign that communicated directly with voters. A direct mail postcard should provide clear information about the candidate’s policies, positions, and a strong call to action. Gino Bulso’s direct mail campaign was targeted, well-received, and effective. This example emphasizes Gino’s support for keeping the Harpeth River clean for community. Tens of thousands of people swim, kayak and canoe the river every year, so it was imperative that they understood that Gino would be an advocate for a clean environment in Nashville at the state Capitol as the Representative.

print design

When designing print materials for political campaigns, your materials should be consistent with your brand and follow the same style, color palette, message, and contact info. For the Gino Bulso campaign, we designed materials that connected his voters with his message, such as palm/push cards, business cards, lapel stickers, yard signs, and more. We strongly believe that well-designed print is essential to promoting your campaign and ensuring that your voters remember your brand and message.

video production

Video production is the one of the most effective forms of advertising for a political campaign. We used video advertising throughout Gino Bulso’s campaign to help him create a personal connection with his voters. We outline, script, shoot, edit, and distribute campaign videos for broadcast, cable, social, digital ads and OTT. We will also post your videos to your website and social media to ensure that they have maximum reach to your target audience.