Over the years traditional media has shifted from static images as seen in newspapers and magazines to live broadcasts and prerecorded videos on television. Today we see social media content mirror that change. At first, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram were image-focused and users would mostly post pictures from their everyday lives. Currently, video-focused apps like TikTok have created an expectation for more immersive fast-paced media. To further prove this point Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri recently stated that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app.” The company will be focusing even more on video in the near future.

We use the magic of video to present your campaign to your audience. From creating general awareness to providing facts about your opponent’s voting record and “get out the vote” calls-to-action spots, we know how to properly message your video advertising.

A vast majority of media is focusing on video, but what does that mean for your political campaign? Not only are more people watching video-based media, but it has also become the best possible way for a candidate to display their values and beliefs to their audience. With video you can speak directly to potential voters in a way that is both engaging and interactive.

Campaign Creative Group’s results-driven approach to video helps candidates clearly and decisively present their agendas in a way that resonates with your target audience. In all of our campaign video production we aim to drive user engagement and develop a return on your investment.

We provide full production services for political video campaign ads: copywriting, outlining, scripting, location scouting, HD video, drone footage, pro audio and lighting, stock video, photos and music, graphics, exporting for various formats and placement on broadcast, cable and digital outlets.

At Campaign Creative Group, we hold all of our video work to a very high standard. We’ve won numerous awards for filmmaking and believe it is the most effective persuasion too. An equally important factor, however, is video placement. If you want to create a TV commercial, we have the tools to place it where your audience is most likely to see and act on it. However, if you’re more interested in getting your video on social media or YouTube, we have the experience and expertise to create a campaign tailored specifically to those platforms.

We help you tell your story to your voters and potential voters through the dynamic tool of video.

Video production for political campaigns takes a great deal of effort and planning, but the return on investment for audio/visual content makes it well worth it. If you have inquiries about creating a video for your political campaign, please contact us at 615-898-1496.