Political campaigns need extraordinary financial resources to be successful. This can seem like a daunting task, and discourage candidates from running for office. It is often said that “fundraising is the mother’s milk of political campaigns” and if your campaign wants to thrive and succeed, you’ll want to engage with us to help you win your campaign.

The 2016 election took billions, approximately $6.5 billion, according to campaign finance watchdog The presidential contest — primaries and all — accounted for $2.4 billion of that total. The other $4 billion or so went to congressional races. To create winning awareness and response your campaign will need to not just get more votes than your opponent, but you’ll also probably need to raise more money as well.

To run a competitive political campaign, you need a good candidate, a great campaign manager, a well-executed marketing strategy (that includes a lot of research and an effective media strategy), lots of volunteers, a well-designed fundraising strategy, but most importantly – it needs the actual fundraising.

Political fundraising is highly regulated. For example, $2,000 is the maximum allowable contribution under the US law. We provide your campaign direction for starting and staying in compliance.

While we don’t officially offer fundraising services, we know folks that do and can provide insight and introductions. Schedule an appointment today with our team.

Campaign Creative Group’s expertise has been instrumental in helping us achieve victory in many races across Tennessee. Their creative skills should prove to be helpful again this next crucial election year of 2012.

Chris Devaney

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman

Campaign Creative Group came through for me. Their TV commercials and mail were of the highest quality. Their creativity and strategy helped me win a tough election.

Representative Pat Marsh

State Representative, District 62 (R-TN)