Video plays an instrumental role in political campaigns and possibly winning an election. Video appeals to all senses—the viewer can see a candidate’s appearance and hear their stance on specific issues. Although the viewer can’t physically taste, touch, and smell through video, elements including music and background images help facilitate the viewer’s overall perception. This happens throughout every video, but different platforms can provide different outcomes when it comes to video.

Emails are a professional and quick way to get information and network with individuals. Adding video to your emails will make it more personal. A potential voter will get a sense of who you are and what you will do in office, given the chance. You will also stand out in your emails because another element has been added.

Social outlets like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are another way to utilize video. According to a Google statistic, “While 59% of people who turn to online video to learn more about the candidates are under the age of 35, one in four are over the age of 45.” This shows that anyone will turn to online social content to learn about the candidates and solidify their decision. Adding video lets you create a narrative of what people know and help decide whom to vote for.

Tv is the primary source of political video content. About 80% of Americans watch tv every day. They watch it for entertainment or political debate during election season. Because it is so active in the American lifestyle, it is the most accessible place to grab a voter’s attention. Therefore, having a good video ad will set you apart from other political ads.

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